Ok, so after spending the first week hearing of and signing up for so many different things that I had never heard of:

  • WordPress
  • Scootle, 
  • Mozilla Firefox – who would have thought there was more than one web browser?
  • Google docs
  • Waystation

and finally

I completely confused myself as to which new thing was which and how to use them! I had to continually go back and listen to the tutorials for each new thing every time it was mentioned because it got to a point where I had no idea what the heck was going on!

I finally, after much hair pulling, and not so kind thoughts about this course, had a chance to go back through most of the new technology I had been introduced to, and I have surprisingly (at least to myself) come to appreciate what all this technology has to offer me, especially Feedly.

What an awesome idea!

Here’s a link to a Youtube tutorial about how to use it, if you need a different source from the one we had from David.

I have found Feedly so helpful when it comes to seeing blogs that other people from EDC3100 have posted. It has been so simple to have a quick look through everyone’s blog titles and seeing if any of them relate to what I am thinking about, as well as different perspectives on things that I hadn’t thought about too.

For example I was able to see that Tracey has also written about Diigo in her blog. I like her statement:

Not only is it a good online filing cabinet, it also has the capability of sharing resources with others. This provides a great way to collaborate with peers and continually engage in professional development.

I think this pretty much tells you exactly what Diigo is.

Anyway, another blog down, I think I’m getting better at this, and I am starting to enjoy this course a bit more!




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