How to add Youtube to your WordPress blog

When I wrote my last post I looked at other peoples Blogs, and I noticed that a lot of them – Wendy Clark, Aspen Forgan and Donna Schlatter (Donna I loved that clip, by the way) had posted videos to their blogs. I’ve only ever known how to create a link. So with my new found enthusiasm for searching the internet I went onto youtube and searched for “How to add Youtube videos to wordpress blogs”.

This is the video I found:

I watched the video, however the instructions it gave me were not 100% accurate, he did give enough information for me to figure it out though. In the video he states that there is a box that will have info about the video and in that box are the words ’embed’, and then it has a code next to it you need to copy. I couldn’t find that box, however if you right click on the video it comes up with the option – ‘copy embed code’. If you click on that and then go to you blog and paste it where you want it to appear, it should work. The best way to check is to click the Preview button.

I hope this helps someone!


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