Where to begin?

It has taken me a while to pluck up the courage to start writing my blog. I finally decided to start with the Australian National Curriculum. This was a very good idea, as it gave me their thoughts on why ICT in Education is so important, and the outcomes they believe students will achieve from using ICT in the classroom.

The following statements are from the ACARA Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority – Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability introduction page.

In the Australian Curriculum, students develop ICT capability as they learn to use ICT effectively and appropriately to access, create and communicate information and ideas, solve problems and work collaboratively in all learning areas at school, and in their lives beyond school.


Information and communication technologies are fast and automated, interactive and multimodal, and they support the rapid communication and representation of knowledge to many audiences and its adaptation in different contexts. They transform the ways that students think and learn and give them greater control over how, where and when they learn.

These statements basically sum up what our Course Examiner, David Jones, has been trying to explain to us in the past two weeks.

The part that struck me as the most important in the above statement was the last sentence, which I changed to bold type. This is because, if used in the correct manner ICT will be able to help students take control of their learning in a way that generations before have not been able to do. For example, I remember when I was in year 5 and we had to do an assignment on a country and present it in a ‘project’ book. I can remember that most of my information came from an information booklet that I bought from the newsagents. I also remember that most of my friends did the same thing for their assignments too. This limited the amount of information we put into our projects. These days, with the use of the internet, students are able to access up-to-date information about different countries, and more importantly that information is broad ranging and limitless.

Ok, that’s the end of my first blog, I hope someone finds it useful!


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