Downloaders beware!!

I decided to dedicate yesterday to getting up to date with this course. I spent a fair bit of time looking through Scootle for different resources, along the way I decided to start downloading a few of them to my computer, this is where my mistake happened. Sometime yesterday while I was downloading these resources, one of them must have had some kind of virus attached to it, I started getting pop-ups all over every page I went to, or got redirected to a page with farm animals on it! This occurred not only in my Firefox browser but also in my Internet Explorer browser too. According to Wikipedia this is called ‘malware’ – which stands for malicious software, which can really screw things up, and at worse your personal information can be stolen! For any of you who want a bit more info, here’s a link to the Wiki definition

For those who are thinking ‘she should have virus protection’, I do have norton antivirus 360 on my computer, but for whatever reason it did not pick it up when it scanned it before I downloaded it.

So, my next problem was how to get rid of it, I decided to uninstall the programs I had downloaded one by one to see if that would fix the problem. Here is a quick youtube video on how to do it, and the link.

While doing that did help remove some of the pop-ups not all of them went away. So I decided to remove my Firefox browser too.

The one thing I should have also done after removing each program was to reboot my computer. After I had removed all of them I did this, so I’m not sure which program had the virus. I’ve changed over to Google Chrome and everything seems to be working fine now, and while I didn’t remove my internet explorer browser it seems to be back to normal too, fingers crossed!

Hope this is helpful to anyone else who finds themselves in this situation.


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