What’s everyone else doing?

I was having a look through my Feedly updates and finding new people to add to my Blog, as David suggested, (and our assignment requires).  I saw a Post by Hue Yee about 3D doodling, I thought it was pretty amazing, and had to share it too.

It got me thinking that there really is no limit to what we can create if we have the right tools to create it with. While this pen is out of the grasp of the majority of the population now, who says in a few years time, we won’t see them being sold as novelty items at somewhere like Kmart. 

As l continued to look through Hue Yee’s blog I noticed her first blog was a ‘Prezi’ presentation, it looked really good, I enjoyed the way she put it together with the music. I am going to start looking at it as a possible resource to make my artifact for assignment 1.


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