A Time and Place for ICT

Today I came across a post by nixxuni, titled Technology effects on child Development, this blog contained a video which expressed concern over the detrimental effects technology has on children today, much of it was confronting, and it would be easy to agree with it. However, this course has so far shown me that there is a time and place for ICTs, and the way we use them is more important then the act of using them. I also think most of the information in the video clip is talking about children outside of school hours.  I will refer back to Socol’s Toolbelt Theory.

Your school must be a tool shop, where tools are demonstrated, taught, considered, respected, used, and deliberately chosen. Because we can not afford to send our students out without the toolbelts they need to function in their future world.

If we teach about ICTs based on this statement, especially about the tools needing to be respected, then hopefully when children are not in a school environment they will use what they have learnt in a more effective manner, and not continue to head down the path the video illustrates.  Having said that, maybe there should be more done in the community to promote this type of thinking to everyone, especially parents, who are ultimately in charge of giving these children the tools outside of school.


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