Another attempt at Scootle

After being given a few more blogs to look at, I came across one written by Michelle Newton in it she talks about a resource she found on scootle. Having been ‘put off’a bit from using scootle, after my last attempt causing havoc to my computer I was a bit wary of going back there. However as the resource was a website for the Victorian Museum I thought I might be worth a look.  This is a great website, it’s a bit like a CSIRO site that I commented on in my science resource blog, but as Michelle pointed out it is aimed at lower primary levels. The best thing about this website was that it gives you an example on how to implement the activities into the classroom, which I thought was a great idea as you can see what they have done and use it as a starting point to add it into your own classroom teaching and then expand on as you go.

So after seeing one of the ‘safer’ resources to come from Scootle I think I will give it another go, as it would be a shame not to use such a good resource, I just have to be more aware of where those resources came from, and how trustworthy they are.


One thought on “Another attempt at Scootle

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