Assignment 2

Wow, I thought assignment one was full on, but assignment two is equally time consuming. Having thrown out all my previous uni assignments from my first attempt at this degree, I have no reference of my own work to look back over for my unit plan. I know there are example unit plans to help us out, but I also know if I had kept my previous work I would have been able to see my thought process as to how I got my unit plan together. Also, having been away from Uni for three years, my memory at creating unit plans is a bit hazy.

Having looked at other people’s blogs, such as Esme‘s, it makes me feel hopeful that I will be able to get there too. I agree Esme, that it is a juggling act to find the time to study for other subjects, not to mention fitting in work, and have some sort of life too. Good luck to everyone.


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