In my search to find resources I stumbled upon a site called Edmodo, unfortunately I had about 12 browsers opened at the same time and can’t trace back how I managed to find to resource, so I am not able to directly credit someone, so if you have already posted about edmodo let me know, because I probably found it from you and I will credit you properly if you let me know. 

This is a short video that briefly explains how teachers and students can use Edmodo, it is a resource that I think is more suited to higher year levels, but I know there are some students doing EDC3100 who are not in a school setting, such as Gerry Ryan, who may possibly also be able to benefit from something like this too.

When I signed up it asked me to choose the areas I was interested in – science, PE, maths, etc. Then, once I’d signed in, it sent me to a home page, which is set up like facebook, and you can see other teachers posts. They may be asking for advice on a topic, or giving links to resources. This was the part that I liked, as it gives you up-to-date information about what other teachers are doing, and you can keep in touch with them in one place. At the moment it looks to be a fairly new site and there aren’t too many people using it just yet, so it will be good to keep an eye on and see how it goes.





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