Who’s For Dinner?

I was looking on Scootle for some resources for assignment 2 and I came across this an online game called –Who’s For Dinner? I think it would be a good tool to use as part of an introductory lesson on food chains. It starts off introducing the concept of a habitat and then the food chain/web within that habitat with different animals/plants linked together as either predator or prey/food source, and explains how each is linked to another. For example fish eat the tadpoles and the fox eat the fish. Then it goes into the game section where you can choose to be either a tadpole, fish or Heron (bird). Depending on which animal you choose depends on what you have to eat and what you have to try and avoid. The aim of the game is to eat enough food so your animal grows and doesn’t starve, and to avoid being eaten by your predators at the same time. I was looking at this for around the year 4 level, but it could easily be used for other year levels as long as you linked it in to other learning.


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