Connect.ed a lesson in cyber safety

I’ve just finished going through the connect.ed activities on the cybersmart website. One thing that surprised me was how much I did actually know about the terminology that was used in the ‘cyber world’. Another thing that I was surprised about was the fact that there is a difference between what is considered to be cyber bullying and cyber aggression. The main thing that was considered to be the difference was how the recipient of the harassment reacts; if they are intimidated or overly upset than it is considered to be bullying, however if they are not that upset then it is just aggression. I don’t think this is a good way to look at it. I think both issues need to be addressed with the same importance, because I believe Cyber Aggression will lead to Cyber Bullying.

I agree with Wendy’s post about feeling uneasy playing the part of Billy in the simulation, I really think it was a great way to demonstrate how easy it is for Cyber bullying to start, even if it is among so called ‘friends’. I think because kids aren’t able to see the reaction of the person they are making fun of online, they may not realise how upset they are making them. Although the ‘experts’ suggest letting them know, I think this would only work with your ‘true’ friends and would be better to talk about in person rather than discussed on an open forum like facebook.

Overall I found the site very insightful, and I will be referring back to it in the future. 



One thought on “Connect.ed a lesson in cyber safety

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