What to do when technology fails

Sherridan wrote a little while ago what ideas we have if technology fails, or takes a while to get going. This has happened to me a few times on my prac now, luckily my Mentor teacher warned me that it was a frequent occurrence and to make sure I have a back up plan. I should let you know now that I am in a grade 3/4 class, so the students have a bit more patience when things don’t go to plan. Most of my lessons use the IWB, but I have made them so that I can write up most of the material on the white board (like they use to do before technology took hold in the class rooms). I also try to print up the pictures I’m going to use so that I can still demonstrate what I need to with those pictures. Granted my lessons aren’t as good when I have to do it this way, as most of the activities I make using the IWB are interactive for the kids. I still try and get their involvement by getting them to come to the front of the class and putting tokens in cups (each cup represents a different answer or concept) then I or we count them to see what the majority of the class think is right. Obviously this wouldn’t work for all activities, but it still gets the students involved in the exercise, and keeps them engaged. During Maths I have competitions with the students, I break them into groups and put a question on the board, at the moment they are doing area. I choose one person from each team and get them to answer the question on the board, the first to answer rings the bell at the front.

As for small fill in activities I do hang man; 20 questions – think of an item, students have 20 questions to guess what the item is; Memory – have 10 + sheets (depending on the age group) with pictures of different things on them, give students 30-60secs to memorise items, take sheets down, then put all but one back up and students have to guess which one is missing.

I have heaps of others, but need to get back to planning lessons. I hope everyone is enjoying their prac.


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