Resource and game for teaching adjectives

One of the lessons I have to plan this week is about using interesting adjectives and nouns in sentences. For example, instead of the brown dog, we could say the wet, smelly, brown staffy. I have found a really good resource for showing how changing nouns and adjectives to more descriptive ones can improve how a story is told. It is from scootle and its called Super stories. It set up with an introduction, stating that the students are going to work as editors of a book, the book is already pretty good, but just needs a few changes to make it even better. You read through the book and when you are finished it then goes on to say that some of the nouns could be changed, you read through the book again and click on the selected words, there is a list of words to choose from. Once you have selected a word, it tells you if it is the most fitting word for that sentence and why or why not. I think this is good, because as well as being able to self correct the students are finding out why their answers are right or wrong. It then goes on to do the same thing for adjectives and finally it gets you to select one of three pictures for each page. I think this is a great tool, as it is something you can do as a class, or in groups, or individually on the computers, depending on the situation. It is aimed around the grade 3-4 age range, but I think it could be used in higher year levels as a refresher.

The game I am getting them to play before we go into this activity is a simple brainstorming activity. I will say a noun – dog, and in groups students have one minute to brainstorm as many adjectives as they can for that word, the group with the most adjectives, or most descriptive adjective wins. This can be reversed so that they are given an adjective and they have to come up with as many nouns as they can which would use that adjective to describe them.


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