Behaviour Management

One thing I always find hard to implement in the classroom is good behaviour management strategies. Luckily the school I was at had a well thought out and implemented program, which I could easily follow and put in place. My mentor teacher was also a massive help in advising me how to let the students know I was serious about how I expected them to behave. In my first week I taught a few lessons, and there weren’t too many issues with the student’s behaviour. In the second week my teacher told me to teach a whole day, saying that she would sit back and only jump in if necessary. Well this led to a huge change in student behaviour, my ‘honeymoon period’ was definitely over. The kids were not doing anything to naughty,they were just unsettled and talkative, and the few students that were trying to test me were setting off the rest of the class. In the second session the behaviour was so bad that I had 7 students in time out. I had to stop the class and tell them to sit quietly for one minute without saying, touching or doing anything.  I had to keep the class in at lunchtime for 5 minutes. Once they had all left I was quite shaken by the experience and was not sure where I had gone wrong. However, my mentor teacher reassured me that, other than being a bit quicker to hand out the punishments to begin with and trying to reward the students for correct behaviour, I had done everything the right way, and when the class came back in I needed to let them know that their behaviour needed to improve. I did this and made a point of rewarding a few of the students that came into the class straight away and sat down quietly. The afternoon was much better than the middle session, and I made sure when I started each day from then on I went over my expectations of them. I had no major issues with behaviour from then on.


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