C2Cs – How well do they really work?

In the school that I did my prac at the teachers were told to use the C2C system to teach their lessons. This was introduced to the school when C2C first came out. My mentor teacher was telling me that when it first started it had all the promise of being a good system, a way to make sure all the students were at the same stage no matter where their classroom was in Australia. However, her views have now changed, she explained to me that C2C lost a lot of the funding it started with, so previously there were a general outline for the lessons to be taught for each subject involved, as well as in depth lesson plans with links to resources. Now the Maths C2C no longer has the detailed lesson plans and the information given on the general outline is so vague that it could be interpreted in many different ways. A lot of the resources that were once available to use for these lessons, are also no longer available.

I found it such a shame that something which so much money was originally spent on has fallen down in pieces, and yet teachers are still expected to teach with it, and deliver well thought out lessons. I do think some of the structuring needed changing, as some of the lessons were not achievable in one lesson, but would have needed multiple lessons in order to give the students the in depth knowledge they would have needed to grasp a concept. However, this is a reason to improve the program, not put it in the ever growing pile of programs that could have worked but were not given the chance.

The English lesson that I did teach using the full C2C planning were well organised, and had enough give in them that I could change them slightly to fit the needs of the class. The linking of resources to the Learning place worked well too.


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