Changes in Prac requirements

I think I’ve mentioned in at least one of my posts that this is my second time around being enrolled in this degree. About four years ago I decided to stop and take a break from it all, and this semester is my first one back since. I have noticed a lot of changes since I left, the first one being this course did not exist back when I was first doing it. Another one is something I only discovered at the end of my Prac, and it was the fact that at the end of the Prac your mentor teacher only has to mark down whether you passed or failed. This is different from before, as they use to give you a rating S1 meaning you were fantastic, and were well on the way to being a great teacher, S2 meaning you were pretty good, but there was still room for improvement and S3 meaning that you did well enough to be given a passing grade, and then there was obviously a failing or not competent mark.

Throughout this Prac I had been trying to get feedback from my mentor teacher as to where I was on this scale, and I was getting frustrated with the fact that she was only saying ‘Don’t worry you’ve definitely passed’. The lesson in this is to make sure I read through all of the documents involved before I beginning anything so I know what is required of me!!


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