Class Dojo and Privacy

During my time at my Prac school I attended the staff meetings. They had what I thought was a really good setup for theirs. Each week they would have the meeting in a different classroom. Whoever’s classroom it was in would be a little presentation at the beginning which was about something new using an ICT that they had implemented into their classroom. One of the meetings was held in the music room, and the music teacher was showing everyone how to use Class Dojo. She thought it was a great tool, because she could have it on the screen throughout  her lessons and the students could see how they were tracking. She would also run little competitions between different classes, so that they were competing for the higher overall good behaviour percentage.

One huge thing that was brought up about using this site was that it wasn’t an Australian Based site, so therefore the information kept on it – the students names were stored somewhere overseas. The schools ICT teacher made a point of saying that using the students full names on the site would be a breach of Education Queensland’s Privacy laws, and at the very least the names should only be first names, but would be better off being different alias’ for the children’s names.

I thought this was a very interesting fact, and I know a lot of schools use class dojo without thinking about the privacy side of things.


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